Living to learn and learning to live. With a focus on faith, fatherhood, freedom, and fruitfulness.


The good news is that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. We were all once enemies of God because we disobeyed and rejected him. But Christ died on the cross so that those who believe in him might live and not be separated eternally from God. And while we still have breath, those who come into a right relationship with God, by confessing that Jesus is Lord, shall live by faith. My chief joy is to share this good news with anyone willing to hear it. 


I have had the great privilege of being raised by just about two of the best parents a boy could ever wish to have. In childhood, even through their faults, my parents were outstanding examples of faith, hope, and love to me and my siblings. They helped us see God for the good father he is. They gave us both a vision and a demonstration of effective parenting. I am now striving to be a good father to my children, and to encourage the men I meet along the way to do the same.


My parents belong to the generation of Africans who defeated colonialism and won independence for their nations. They paved the way. Now we, the subsequent generations have opportunity to rise up and champion human freedom across all dimensions, and for all people. I am daily working out my contribution to this effort.


The key to freedom is learning. It opens the door to knowledge; knowledge to understanding; and understanding to wisdom. The freedom generation taught us kudzidza hakupere – learning is lifelong. I am therefore committed to helping children and adults bear good fruit in this life by being planted in wisdom. Which is why my pursuits are focused largely on learning to live and living to learn.

Latest Reflections

These are my most recent written reflections on faith, fatherhood, freedom, and fruitfulness. 




Laugh Myself Stupid

Ever laugh so hard you cannot breathe? It is a strange sort of sensation. Like a wave of exhilaration suddenly crashing against a sandbank of anxiety. Imagine you are clocking 160 miles per hour on a rural stretch of the German Autobahn. In your dream car, a Bugatti perhaps.

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Relationships Should Power Education

The following is the transcript of the keynote address on philanthropy delivered by Mubuso Zamchiya at the International Education Funders Group (IEFG) Bi-Annual Meeting in November 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Joel Chapter 1: Alas for the Day – Repent

There are five key messages in the book of Joel. Firstly, God is sovereign. Secondly, the Day of the Lord is at hand. Thirdly, judgement accompanies the Day of the Lord. Fourthly, redemption is the reward for repentance. Fifthly, destruction lies in wait for the impenitent.

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Footsteps to Follow


The Lord not only answers all our prayers. He gives us at least what we ask for – and many (if not most) times, more than we ask Him. We must be specific.

- David Makhumbini Zamchiya

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