About Me

Learning to live and living to learn.

Faith, Fatherhood, Freedom, and Fruitfulness

I am blessed to have had an exceptional childhood. My parents did everything to ensure that growing up would be both fun and fruitful for my siblings and me. Somehow, they managed to be both wholeheartedly dedicated to us, and also deeply committed to making the world a better place. And what a legacy they forged!

  • They showed us the pathway to spiritual freedom. That true life is knowing God (the Father; Jesus Christ, the Son; and the Holy Spirit) and being known by him.
  • They inspired us to seek intellectual freedom. We learned from their lives as they actively learned about the world, how it works, and all that is in it.
  • They were examples of entrepreneurial freedom. They asked God to breathe life into the work of their hands. And, by grace, they were fruitful, responding with creativity and resilience through both challenge and opportunity.
  • They served as role models of economic freedom. We watched them make thoughtful investments in the marketplace and generous contributions within the community. In both cases, with the same wisdom, love, and hope.
  • They also demonstrated conviction in the pursuit of social freedom. They were part of Africa’s formidable freedom generation. The one that raised our continent to self-determination and independence.

For these things and more, I will be forever grateful for their lives. My very breath, my sense of purpose, and even my passions have grown and have been sustained because my parents allowed their lives to be nurturing and nourishing soil. Soil from which my life might richly grow. As the saying goes, “I am because they are.”

And because of them, I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. I am also a husband, and a father. And since my parent’s lives are my blueprints, I am joyfully striving to follow their footprints – learning to live and living to learn.

And every day for me is an ongoing, ever deeper exploration into the four themes that compel my life. Namely, faith, fatherhood, freedom, and fruitfulness. ​

My Experience

Mubuso is Managing Director of the Luminos Fund, which is seeking to unlock the light of joyful learning in every child. He was formerly Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Ashoka. Mubuso was previously CEO and regional director of charter school networks in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Mubuso has served in strategic roles at the International Finance Corporation, AES Corporation, and Barclays. He is an advisor to Halcyon, the b*free freelance community, and Lead Africa. Mubuso is also a member of the Anacostia River Church.


Social Entrepreneur

Mubuso enjoys bring people together to think creatively about solving problems. Fresh out of university, he co-founded the Boost Fellowship, which for twenty years has been building opportunity on student talent in Zimbabwe. He later launched School Ventures, which used small bet experiments and market analytics to help investors assess private education markets in Africa. His latest work involves writing children’s books and producing other content for children that educates and entertains.

Mubuso is an Echoing Green Fellow, a Pahara Fellow, a member of the Aspen Global Leaders Network, and a Rhodes Scholar.

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