You need not visit classrooms or follow international development headlines to know that there is a learning crisis. Just look at the state of human interactions across the planet. Technology has made us more connected, but our global society is becoming increasingly transactional and decreasingly relational. What is the pathway back to a global society grounded in good relationships? This is a recurrent theme you will hear when Mubuso talks and writes.


Mubuso is a dynamic storyteller and an engaging speaker. Over the years, he has delivered keynote addresses and fireside chats at conferences and within intimate settings. Mubuso is an accomplished facilitator and interviewer. He has organized and guided panel conversations, Socratic seminars, roundtable discussions, workshops, and Jeffersonian dinners for various organizations and groups.

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Mubuso is also a writer. He writes for fun and for work (often not being able to the difference). An increasingly active penman, Mubuso is striving to be a thoughtful observer and interlocutor in his writing. One who leverages the themes of faith, fatherhood, freedom, and fruitfulness (both collectively and independently) to share ideas and insights for children and adults about living and learning.  

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